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We contacted you last year regarding a new worldwide support group network. As of today, we 126 support group members in 61 different countries. We are re-sending our introduction. We hope you will consider joining this worldwide effort to increase communication regarding scientific efforts in understanding and treating autism.

Our organization, the Autism Research Institute (ARI), was established by Dr. Bernard Rimland and is the oldest autism research organization in the world. Throughout our 54-year history, we have established and maintained networks (1) to support the scientific investigation, (2) to inform the healthcare community about evidence-based best practices, and (3) to distribute up-to-date information to the entire autism community.  

We are focusing much of our efforts on providing evidence-based information about research and treatment effectiveness through online lectures and conferences, discussion groups, and informative articles. 

There is no cost to join this program.

If you would like to learn more about ARI's new network program, please read the attached letter. We have also attached a complimentary copy of our science newsletter.

We invite you to complete our online membership form at: www.GlobalAutismNetwork.com

Natalya Vasylevskaya
Outreach Coordinator

Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D.
Executive Director